为世界提供绿色动力 to provide green energy for the world

Zhejiang Jinggong Energy Technology Group Co., Ltd,with its HQ locates in Hangzhou, China.

The company is devoted to building a dual eco-strategic platform for energy with "production, investment and integration", and constructing a multi-energy complementary energy industrial ecosphere and interflow and sharing economic ecosphere of financing and energy, which integrates the industries of new energy power generation, clean energy heating supply, energy conservation and environment protection, electricity service, energy finance and energy internet, and establish a JG-NEE new energy model to creatively build an intelligent and ecotypic energy industrial chain. The group has more than 60 subordinate enterprises all around the country, including Shanghai Green Building which focusing on new energy EPC, LIS (stock code 831080) which provides energy-saving services, green power electricity selling which provides electric services, and Rhea Energy which emphasize on regional energy.

After several years’ development, Jinggong Energy Technology Group has been awarded many honorary titles, such as “Hangzhou New High-Tech Enterprise”, “Gazelle Enterprise in Hangzhou High-Tech District (Binjiang)” and “Hangzhou high and new technology research and development center”. With its adhering to the operation principle of “Honest and pragmatic, innovation and development” and the core value of “people oriented and technology ahead”, the enterprise has built an experienced technical team, realized vertically and horizontally two-way development of new energy industry, constantly deepened and perfected the extending of energy industrial chain and formed the new pattern of integrated development in energy field through sustainable innovation, outstanding operation and precision management.